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We create value. That is our mission.
epco GmbH has been active as a consulting company since May 2012. The objective of the company is value-oriented customer service. As consulting is not an end in itself, the value added by our advice must be measurable. Employees of epco have also led and advised numerous IT projects, as it is part of our philosophy to take responsibility in projects. Furthermore, we use existing partnerships with other consultancies and freelance consultants to provide expertise in specialist or niche subjects.


epco offers value.
The services provided by epco span various areas, all relevant to our customers. Within these services, epco employees use various methodologies, adapted to the requirements of the situation. This user-oriented consulting is relevant and reproducible over a wide range of industries.


Project management | Online Marketing | Workspace | Training


Prince 2 | Agile | CMMI | Helfrecht | SMART | Hermes


Mobility | Mobile | Retail | Logistics Training | Banking | Telecommunications


The strength of an organization depends on all the people who work in it. We at epco are a family business, where our focus is on our customers, as well as on our employees. We aim to improve and optimize without losing the personal touch. epco is and will remain a workplace of great importance. Therefore, training and employee events are just as relevant as the strategic orientation to the skills and goals of the employees.
Peter Schmitt

Peter Schmitt

“epco is a family-run business that provides value for local and global businesses.”

Tamaris Schmitt

Tamaris Schmitt

“In the epco my job and family can work together.”

Florian Hoeger

Florian Hoeger

“In the epco, I have the opportunity to develop myself.”

Dennis Gießel

Dennis Gießel

“The epco is an opportunity – potentials are used to create value.”


Culture is “(…) everything that the human being produces.” (Wikipedia) The culture of epco is reflected in the products of their employees. Keywords such as methodology, products, innovation, creativity, excellence, technical affinity and more, are all expressions of epco culture. But so are every-day food, down-to-earth humour, and the cultivated TGIF beer.